DualClick is a utility that adds functions such as simultaneous left and right presses and wheel drag to your trackpad.

Assign your favorite function anywhere on the trackpad and have it execute when you click that location.

Functions that can be performed

  • Press left and right buttons at the same time
  • Press right button
  • Press center button
  • Press the add button 4 to 32
  • Pressing alphanumeric keys, function keys, etc.

Other features

Edge swipe

Switch profiles by swiping the left edge (right edge) of the trackpad from top to bottom or from bottom to top.


You will receive a notification when your profile changes.

Launch at login

It starts automatically when you log in.

Turn on/off functions using fn key

You can enable it only when the fn key is pressed, or only when the fn key is not pressed.

Accessibility permissions are required to run the app. Please allow DualClick on the screen below.

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility